Integrated security station in your hand

A high-tech mobile device that provides a complete system of identity verification channels, reads different identities, and makes it easier for your team to verify identity securely and accurately.


FAP30 scanner

for accurate fingerprint matching, scan using FAP30 scanners.

High-resolution camera

Equipped with two 21-megapixel rear cameras in addition to two 8-megapixel front cameras

smart card reader

National Id card reading

Contactless card reader

reads the new NFC national Id cards

MRZ passport reader

Passport reader by identifying MRZ global information

Barcode reader

reads 1D, 2D, and QR codes,

FieldBio, An Extension of your Security Team

Combining law-enforcement grade fingerprint scanners, ID readers and biometric face-match technology, FieldBio is a full security station packed in a single handheld device. Simple scan-and-click technology means your team can verify identity in seconds with no additional training required. Ideal for use in constant motion and in all weather, FieldBio is used and trusted by government agencies, border control and security teams around the world.

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Security officers, at the heart of the event!

For identity security verification, without the need for manual work or matching identities with faces, FieldBio allows security to verify individuals' identities, read their data and match their fingerprints directly. Whether the need is to match identity, read data to complete various processes such as access to previous records or approve a specific procedure, or to verify the appropriateness of its entry into a specific area or to verify its allowing of its existence, security personnel and personnel are more efficient, accurate and proficient with FieldBio.


Biometric Verification

With ultra-accurate biometric verification technology, you can verify people's identities in real time. Identfication or Verfication can be done with a fingerprint reader equipped with FAB30 high-accuracy technology, approved by the US FBI. With dual cameras and customized software technologies, you can recognize and verify identities via a face print, using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.


FieldBio runs Banan

In Saudi Arabia, NIC has created a secure solution to help authorized government agencies, to utilize its identity verification services, and has trusted FieldBio hardware to run Banan for all agencies.

FieldBio and Banan, provides a leap in identity validation and verification, in different business cases including managing access to restricted areas, matching and verifying IDs in the field, Identifying people without IDs on them, managing speedy passport control, and identifying body of the deceased and the unconscious.


Super abilities, excellent reader

Identities and smart chip

A direct and seamless reading of all smart chip identity data, via a digital reader that supports a wide range of technologies. It can also read Contactless contactless cards via NFC


A smart passport reading, via global MRZ passport identification technologies, you can instantly and accurately read your passport data through FielBio. The two most important words here: speed and accuracy!


Barcode, QR and more!

Visual reading of Barcode and QR Code accurately, fast, and error-free! You can also read the data available in magnetic stripe by reading instantaneously.


Visual reading via OCR technologies Even when you're dealing with identities that don't contain a smart chip or magnetic data, FieldBio, with a high-resolution camera and visual reading techniques, lets you recognize data instantaneously and accurately.

At the heart of the event

FieldBio is designed with high durability, to be the business partner at the heart of the event. In field work, in continuous movement, in difficult circumstances. At the heart of the event
With outstanding energy management solutions and a built-in power bank, FieldBio gives you an extended working period of more than 30 hours without the need for charging.

High battery

Global Standards

Multiple devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Is the device fall-proof?

FieldBio device is resistant to falling and hitting a 1.5-meter-long impact.

Can I choose attachable devices with the FieldBio verification device?

Fieldbio has six identification extensions, such as passport reader and others, all of which can be selected all or individually

How long does the device last in the field?

we promised our device can provide at least more than 24 hours of continuous use

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